Winter Preparation

From US News As fall begins to wind down, many parts of the Northern Hemisphere are beginning to transition to winter – and the weather. Snow and sleet and freezing rain introduce a number of challenges to everyday life, not the least of which is simply keeping your car operating safely. There are several things you […]

Protecting Your Car From Road Salt

By Autotropolis Contributors at Autobytel Although road salt is necessary for safe transportation when snow and ice accumulate on roads and highways, taking active steps to protect your car from road salt is necessary to avoid rust and corrosion and general loss of your investment. Why Road Salt? Salt was first used in snow and […]

Top 10 Ways To Get Your Car Ready for Spring

From Winter sweaters and boots have been packed away in favor of shorts and sandals. Has your vehicle benefited from the same maintenance you’ve performed on your closets? Warm weather means long weekend getaways and even longer vacation road trips, and taking the time to perform seasonal maintenance today can help avoid trouble later. Here […]

Car Care: Spring

Article from CBS and Moneywatch Just take this factoid as a warning: AAA roadside service estimates that it helps more than 9 million stranded motorists during a summer.If, like most Americans, you’re not driving a fresh-from-the-showroom ride – the average age of passenger vehicles in the U.S. is just over 10 years old – it’s […]

Oil Myths and Facts

Whats really true and what is not! Myth #1 – Paraffinic oils cause engine sludge. Oils from paraffin-based crude are loaded with wax and create engine sludge. Paraffin base stocks cause sludge. “x” Brand of motor oil causes sludge, varnish and/or engine deposits. “Paraffinic” motor oils cause wax-like deposits on the underside of the oil […]